"Our mission is to make solar energy a mainstream energy source and realize the full potential of the Solar Industry in the state of Tennessee."

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Nov. 19 Annual Meeting Roundup!
  • November 19 was a productive day for TenneSEIA! We held our monthly Member-only meeting in the morning, followed by our Annual meeting into the afternoon and evening. During the Member-only meeting we confirmed our 2015 Board members and began outlining potential policy goals for next year. The Annual Meeting was a huge success! We had about 90 attendees being entertained by and engaging with 16 speakers covering six of the most pressing issues currently facing the Tennessee solar industry.

    To see what topics were covered and what speakers were present, check out the meeting AGENDA. For more information on the meeting contact TenneSEIA Presdident, Mary Shaffer Gill: mary@ariesenergy.com.

TVA 2015 Solar Programs & Community Solar
  • TVA’s 2015 solar programs are now public. While the Renewable Standard Offer appears relatively similar to the 2014 RSO, there are noteworthy changes to Green Power Providers (GPP) and the Solar Solutions Initiative (SSI). GPP has a new online application process, and an updated version of the GPP Participation Guidelines. TVA announced they'll be holding a webinar to go over the use of the new online application tool – see details on the GPP WEBSITE.

    Meanwhile, the Solar Solutions Initiative is adding of 4 MW (on top of 16 MW) that is specifically allocated for Local Power Companies (LPCs) within TVA's territory. This is an exciting expansion of TVA's programs as it presents greater opportunity for LPC’s to develop community solar programs. local environmental advocacy groups developed a best practice resource guide for LPCs (and anyone else) engaging in community solar development in the Valley.

EPA Solar PV Project
  • TVA is accepting proposals from Local Power Companies (LPCs) to participate in a community solar test pilot which leverages EPA-related funding.

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[ 2014 Solar Champion ]

TenneSEIA awarded the 2014 Solar Champion Award to Greg Williams, Appalachian Electric Cooperative, at a reception following the group’s Annual Meeting (11/19/2014) in Nashville.

“TenneSEIA is proud to present our Solar Champion Award to Greg Williams for his solar energy leadership within the local power company community,” said Mary Shaffer Gill, President of TenneSEIA. “Greg is a key player in the on-going conversation to understand and better implement solar generation throughout the Tennessee Valley.”

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  • TenneSEIA Board Meeting (members only)
    Wednesday - December 17, 2014
    Nashville, TN
    Contact: mary@ariesenergy.com
  • TVA Webinar:
    Customer/Installer Online Training

    January 9 & 16, 2015

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