Greg Williams

TenneSEIA awarded the "2014 SOLAR CHAMPION AWARD" to Greg Williams,
Appalachian Electric Cooperative, at a reception following the group’s Annual Meeting
(11/19/2014) in Nashville. (Photo: Mary Shaffer Gill & Greg Williams)

EV Charging Station

With the advent of electric vehicle production in the United States, a need for innovative
EV Charging Stations like this one (NISSAN Plant - Lightwave Solar), is ample evidence
of the value in harnessing solar energy from the sun.

"Our mission is to make solar energy a mainstream energy source and realize the full potential of the Solar Industry in the state of Tennessee." - TenneSEIA Executive Committee & Board Members

Hot Topics

TVA's 2015 Integrated Resource Plan (IRP)

TVA’s draft 2015 Integrated Resource Plan (IRP) and associated Supplemental Environmental Impact Statement (SEIS) were released for public comment on March 9, 2015. TenneSEIA has been an active stakeholder in the Tennessee Valley Renewable Information Exchange (TV-RIX) over the past two years in support of the solar inputs and assumptions used by TVA for the 2015 IRP.
Although TVA did not necessarily utilize all our recommendations regarding the inputs for solar, it appears solar still gets picked up in the IRP modeling and will therefore play a relatively small but active role in TVA’s long-term resource plan. TVA runs their models based on an assortment of different scenarios and strategies. There are numerous results based on...

TVA 2015 Solar Programs & Community Solar

TVA’s 2015 solar programs are now public. While the Renewable Standard Offer appears relatively similar to the 2014 RSO, there are noteworthy changes to Green Power Providers (GPP) and the Solar Solutions Initiative (SSI). GPP has a new online application process, and an updated version of the GPP Participation Guidelines. TVA announced they'll be holding a webinar to go over the use of the new online application tool – see details on the GPP WEBSITE.
Meanwhile, the Solar Solutions Initiative is adding on 4 MW (on top of 16 MW) that is specifically allocated for Local Power Companies (LPCs) within TVA's territory. This is an exciting expansion of TVA's programs as it presents greater opportunity for LPC’s to develop community solar programs. local environmental advocacy groups developed a best practice resource guide for LPCs (and anyone else) engaging in community solar development in the Tennessee Valley.

TVA DG-IV Update

Earlier this year, TenneSEIA – with support from technical expert, Ed Regan – along with the Southern Alliance for Clean Energy (SACE) and the Southern Environmental Law Center (SELC) submitted detailed comments and edits (in tracked changes) to TVA on the second draft of the Distributed Generation – Integrated Value (DG-IV) report.
The comments, submitted on January 5, 2015, were part of TVA’s internal DG-IV stakeholder process, which has been ongoing since the initial launch meeting in April 2014. The DG-IV stakeholder group was tasked with developing a methodology for determining the value of distributed solar in TVA’s territory.
Once the internal stakeholder group has reached a consensus on this methodology, a report which summarizes the approach will be made public for several weeks to allow for external review and comments.


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    May 7-8, 2015
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2014 Solar Champion - Greg Williams with TennSEIA Executive Committee and Board Members

TenneSEIA awarded the 2014 Solar Champion Award to Greg Williams, Appalachian Electric Cooperative, at a reception following the group’s Annual Meeting (11/19/2014) in Nashville. “TenneSEIA is proud to present our Solar Champion Award to Greg Williams for his solar energy leadership within the local power company community,” said Mary Shaffer Gill, President of TenneSEIA. “Greg is a key player in the on-going conversation to understand and better implement solar generation throughout the Tennessee Valley.”

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